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Small Breed Shoes-SRB001

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Small Breed Shoes-SRB001
Small Breed Shoes-SRB001

Small Breed Shoes

Size: Small / Medium/ Large

Colour: Black/ Pink/ Burgundy/ Blue

Carton Style: Winnie The Pooh/ Micky Mouse

Water resistance/ To keep dirt, ice & salt away from the pets' paw/ Easy to maintain / Can be worn up to -10 Celsius in winter

Please see the below picture for paw measurements.

Instruction on how to put shoes on:

1. Place the pet paw into the shoe in a vertical position

2. Gently insert the pet paw forward

3. Feel the bottom of the shoe to make sure that the paw is completely inserted

4. Wrap Velcro strap around the ankle of the pet as tight as possible

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